Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bible Study Update

I had spent the better part of 2008 comparing the effectiveness of our two primary teaching vehicles: Sunday School & Bible Study. I sought to distinguish Bible Study from Sunday School while at the same time, providing an atmosphere more conducive to learning and retaining Biblical knowledge.

So in January, I introduced a new Bible Study format that was more of a lecture style, focusing on 3-4 week series complete with notes and multimedia elements interspersed throughout. After the first series was completed, I also felt the need to distribute folders to encourage the students to keep and review their notes throughout the year. We had our first quiz after a series on the Apostle Paul and everyone seemed to enjoy that.

Overall, the response has been generally positive and I've observed an improvement in study habits which I attribute to attendees having notes to study, the new "series" format, and the implementing of quizzes (which are written to be lighthearted and fun). One idea did die off, however, as it became unfeasible to video each lesson, edit, and post it to our website every week. But our notes are still available for download each week, sometimes in advance. So far we've studied The Trinity, Apostle Paul, and we're finishing up on a 3 week overview of Psalms. In the coming months, I hope to introduce lessons on Angels & Demons, How to Study the Bible, and later, a Study of the Kingdom of Israel.

Change is always a tricky endeavor, but when executed correctly and with the right intentions, it can be very fruitful. The struggle for me was to offer accessible material to the entire range of students from the newest member to the seasoned veteran, since we only have one adult class. I must admit that it takes a lot of prayer, preparation, and wisdom to offer lessons that challenge individuals without totally alienating them, but I love every minute of it!!

If you like, you can check out our recent Bible Study lessons on our website.

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