Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Didn't Say Nuthin' Bout No Kids, Man!

Why don't more Christians adopt? For all the Biblical arguments, lobbying, debate points, and protests of Pro-Life Christians, something is missing. Those you would think to be the primary subjects of the abortion issue are oftentimes strangely omitted from the discussion. The Kids. Certainly the legal and ethical question of abortion is a messy one with many variables to consider. But there is no question that greater familial and societal breakdowns feed the acceptance of this practice. Casual sex, casual marriage (if it actually occurs), and even more casual divorce all in one way or another lead individuals to consider conception as an expendable and deletable occurrence. Adding to this the tragedy of sexual abuse and rape that leaves no easy answers, we are left with a spiritual and moral dilemma of the highest regard. But what is the Christian to do besides argue a point?

We believe life begins at conception, that God "knows" us even before we are formed in the womb, and that life is a gift from God the Creator that no man should destroy. But once this life is realized in birth, now what? The fact is a decrease in abortions will undoubtedly lead to an increase of unwanted children across our nation. Are we willing to go to the same lengths we do to prevent and persuade others from abortion to care for the kids that will be born if they do see things our way? How much time, money, and effort will we devote to the upbringing of these children? Will Christians take up this mantle of responsibility in the way of adoption or foster parenting? Will churches offer the necessary support to encourage and uphold those families who chose to carry this burden?

The Bible tells us faith without works is dead, and that includes making bold proclamations of Biblical principles to our society with no intentions of fulfilling our own obligations in the matter.

Matthew 18:10 (NIV) "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven."

elder todd

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