Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ministry Musings 2009 - Calling & Commitment

Check out the second set of ministry observations revealed in 2009 through my various Facebook status updates. Theme for this post is "Calling & Commitment".

"Every so often, we all should take an assessment of ourselves and seek God to discover if we are doing what He's called us to do, where He's called us to do it."

"Not all servants can lead, but every true leader will be a servant."

"Don't be impressed or influenced by people who claim to be called but refuse to be led."

"David was a dedicated shepherd, renowned worshiper, fierce warrior, anointed and eventually crowned king....all by the age of 30. And nothing, not his father's initial snub, his brother's contempt, or even his own king's assault was able to hinder any of those accomplishments. Why? Because God's Will found a willing David."

"There is no weakness in submitting yourself to one who is called and chosen by God. It takes courage & strength to lead AND to follow."

"The "called" stay "on-call". For the truly called there's much more to serving God than Sunday service."

"Excellence. Period. Anything less is unacceptable."

"Doing our very best in any effort will never compare to simply doing what God requires. Truth is, He can do without all of the things we busy ourselves with that we claim are meant to please Him, but He won't stand for disobedience. I Samuel 15:22"

"No amount of showmanship can make up for a lack of substance."

"If you're not giving up something, you're not giving at all."

"All talkers are not teachers."

"When God has chosen you for something you don't have to compete with anyone for anything."

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