Monday, April 6, 2009

My Resurrection Day

The Easter Story is so familiar it hardly needs retelling. But going further than just knowing the story is identifying with it. All of us can relate somewhat to the ups and downs of Jesus' final week before His death, though of course, NONE of us can claim to have endured anywhere near the suffering He did.

Perhaps your life feels like Good Friday, the day of suffering and crucifixion. (or Wednesday or Thursday for you historical debaters out there) Maybe your life has been marked by much suffering, ridicule, rejection, abandonment, and viciously cruel attack at the hands of the same people you may have called brother or sister not so long ago. The pain is so deep and the shame so severe that you're not sure how much more you can take.

Or maybe you are feeling more like a Saturday. The violence has subsided, the damage done, and it appears the enemy has won. So-called friends have scattered and even you family considers you as good as dead. The hole you now find yourself in doesn't appear to yield survivors, only victims.

Hold On......Sunday is coming!!

Fact is, no matter how devastating your Friday or how dark your Saturday, God has a Sunday just around the corner for you. Yes, your very own Resurrection Day! And the wonderful thing is you don't have to wait until Sunday to experience your Resurrection.

Right now, right where you are, you can experience a new life and a new beginning. How is this so? Because our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ has already endured the pain and suffering for you. He conquered Death, Hell, and the Grave and today He is Risen! All you have to do is trust Him. Give Christ your life, your burdens, your sorrows and your shortcoming. Look up....weeping may endure for the night, but Joy; the joy of salvation, the joy of restoration, comes in the morning.

elder todd

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  1. No matter what suffering I may think I've gone through in my life or how much pain there was to bare...I know that I could not have with stood all that Christ went through for us...yet there are those who still actually feel as though He hasn't done enough. How many of us could or would have hung nine hours on that cross for the sake of anothers sin.Understanding His purpose always brings tears to my eyes and fluttering of joy to my heart from just knowing that he hung there for "ME" and so many others.For when He said 'IT IS DONE' and gave up the ghost there was a door open for all those who wish to be forgiven of there sins and to be born again. I thank God daily for each day given me but most of all I thank Him for RESTORATION !