Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Church, Inc. Pt. 2a "I was glad when they said unto me...."

I think it's time. It's probably been about 50 years since most established churches, denominations, or traditions have taken a good look at how their ministry schedules either enhance or detract from the mission of the Church. Despite our traditions, meetings and service times are actually Biblically inconsequential and should be scheduled and designed with the needs of members and those we want to reach in mind. Perhaps the traditional schedule that our grandparents adhered to is simply not practical today for effective ministry.

We all know the formula: Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, maybe Sunday Evening worship, Tues/Wed. Bible Study, (my COGIC brethren also have Friday service.) and then other meetings/committees/fellowships/rehearsals.

But then there is reality. Society has changed drastically but our schedules have not. Work schedules now vary wildly. Parents are in need of ministry geared toward their children and not just be made to sit through a service they can not comprehend. A younger, business minded generation appreciate hearing the Word, worship, and fellowship just as much as the previous generation, but they demand that time be used wisely and effectively. And honestly, it is a fair request. Unfortunately, the Church is not listening. It's not a matter of caving to the pressure of convenience, but a desire to be effective and relevant in rapidly changing times, which is vital to the success of Kingdom work.

That said, If you could, what changes would make concerning your church's
schedule of services/meetings? Do you think you meet too much, not enough? Do you feel some services/meetings are so similar that they could be consolidated or eliminated?

elder todd

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