Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not So Deep Thoughts

Ok, I get the impression that some of my posts are kind of long and tedious to read. So here goes with a more concise collection of random thoughts from this past Sunday.
  • I preached a sermon this Sunday entitled "Let the Church Say Amen!" and no, it wasn't a lame attempt to get more people to shout "Amen" during my sermons.
  • I realize that for a young, unskilled preacher such as myself, having an organist back you up is the difference between hoopin' and just plain hollering. (please Lord, send me someone!)
  • Church Mothers somehow have the ability to be encouraging and intimidating at the same time.
  • We love to praise the Lord at my church, Agape Assembly, but we're about 2 good, on-beat tambourine players from being a "sanctified" church.  At least that's what the officials from the NASC (National Association of Sancitified Churches) tells me. But I've got a mother in law that can beat a tambourine for three people, so maybe we can work out a deal.......
Happy Monday!!!

elder todd

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  1. I have noticed that some people during church services say Amen simply because they believe that is the thing to do ...for 1 reason it sounds good them and if the person sitting next to them can say it then so can they and as one says[get in where they fit in ]not really knowing the saying Amen contributes to;SO BE the 27th chapter of Deuteronomy Amen is used a total of 12 times...remember the human being IS a creature of habit they also love to copy the ways of others because it is easier than creating their own.Besides most people who attend church are there to look good they can that they went to church it takes patience and a lot of prayer that they soon come around and see the light as we do.